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Hi everyone! I’m new to the board but have been lingering for some time, trying to find out information. My husband is an everyday smoker. He just recently got a job. He did his pre-employment drug screening using Magnum Synthetic due to the fact that our local headshop was out of Quick Fix. He did his pre-employment screening which was sent to Alere Toxicology. Came out fine and he got the job. Well, last week on Tuesday, he was called for a random. After he had passed the first drug screen using Magnum he bought the same thing, so he was already carrying it on hand. (I must say however, when he got the Magnum box, and opened it at home, the bottle was cracked and leaking. So he transferred it into the bottle from the last magnum box he had – we ususally keep a couple of spare bottles with temp strips on hand.) Anyway he took the test using the one he had transferred. However, this sample was sent to metrolabs? I think…or something of that nature. It was a random DOT screening. After he used that bottle of Magnum, he went back to the head shop to get another in case of another random, but this time they had quick fix so he got that.

Well, this Tuesday the MRO called him and told him the Ph was too low and asked if he had subbed? Of course my husband said NO and he wasn’t sure why that reading would come up. So the MRO told him they would let him know what day he had to re-test. Not an hour later his boss comes to get him to bring him to the local hospital to re-test right then, observed! Oh wow! He handled it ok…even though he was observed he was able to make it look like he was really peeing. There were no oberserver comments written on the form he had to sign. So now we are on pins and needles waiting to find out if he passed this one using the quick fix. We call spectrum labs toll free number to check the batch # and it was a new batch. So that made him feel a little better. This tox screen however was not sent to metrolabs this time, it was sent back to Alere Toxicology again, which was the one he passed with the first time.

My questions are, do you think they will do more rigorous tests on this specimen, and can DOT tell if you’ve used Synthetic? Another thing we can’t understand is why the Magnum didn’t work the second time? I wonder if because the bottle was broken, it may have been submitted to elements which lowered PH? Is there any difference between a DOT screen and pre-employment screening? Please help! We really don’t have anyone that can give us a specimen of their own. If this comes back inconclusive what happens? We are so scared right now.
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