advanced nutes schedule…..autoflowering strains ….?


hey im new to growing autos ive come to the point of preflowers on
my big bud/n.l. autos and my little devil (pure lowryder) strains
and im confused as to what schedule to use for my nutrients
i have the 3 part nutes Bloom Grow Micro,B52,Bud blood,big bud,and Carboload
and looking at the schedule on the website it seems a bit confusing for autos
so far i gave them one feeding with the 3part 1g bud blood 1/2g carboload per 2l water
has anyone used these nutes in the past that can guide me these nutrients
sound great but i have to admit theyre a bit confusing ….i was just gonna ease my way into it and
do some hands on learning but i thought maybe someone out there could help drop some knowledge
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