Sentinel EVC-2 Controller Review


Alright i bought one of these things on ebay for $225 shipped. It was the best deal i could find on one of these things considering how many features it has.

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This unit has the ability to controller a heating/cooling device, Humidifier/Dehumidifier, and a Co2 Regulator/Co2 Generator. Simultaneously working with each other so the Co2 isnt running while the outtake fan is sucking it out. Very Cool that it runs all that stuff at the same time.

It also has a photo cell built into the unit for separate day/night temperatures. The only thing i dont like about the photocell is the fact that it is actually in the unit itself so if you want it to work properly you would have to install it inside the grow room (in my case a grow tent).

I wanted to be able to have it mounted on the outside of the grow tent for easy ready/access to it, but now i am going to have to figure out a way to mount it inside the grow tent.

It has a user settable dead band which means you can change how sensitive the temperature drop is or the same for humidity.

It has a 16ft whip for the humdistat/thermostat. Im sure the people who designed this unit over looked it, but i would have put the photo cell on the end of the whip along with the thermostat, or just have a completely separate whip for the photocell. Hmm i know a bit of electric maybe ill fiddle with it.

All in all i think this was a good buy. Its very user friendly, comes with basic instructions, there’s not much info about these on the internet and i haven’t seen one review yet. For the $225 i spent and the features i got, id say its the best deal for the money. Anything else is going to cost you more.

And Ive talked to people online about CAP controllers (they are in the same price range) and not heard good things about them. I would recommend this unit to any one thinking about buying a controller.

-Easy to use
-Changeable Dead-band
-16ft Humidistat/Thermostat whip (Remote)
-Most Features for the money!

-Photocell is not on a whip(remote)
-Does not run heating/cooling simultaneously (Not that big of a deal it would just be convenient for where i live)

Hope you enjoyed the review, ill probably post this on my blog too!
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