VIPAR 2xA300 New LED Grow



hello everyone as you can see im new to the site , i got tired of certain other sites always being down and losing data ….. not to mention all the trolls they have . anyway VIPAR sent me these lights to do a test grow for them and so far man they are kicking ass , i have owned a few panels in the past including a magnum a spectra and a chinese panel and this one is the best built and best performing so far but theres still a ways to go so buckle up your seat belts and get ready for the ride . the specs are:

4x4x7 mylar tent

2 x A300 VIPAR LED UNITS each running at just over 300w at the plug and deliver 300w of true light power

6 girls 3 x rockstar(from clone ) 3 x bluebery(from seed ) all of them are in 7.5 liter airpots in coco

general hydro 2 part flora nova series , and green planet MASSIVE as well as koolbloom later on

all info and specs can be found on the light here at

dont be afraid to drop them an email or even give em a shout on the tele if you need info on their lights or anything like that.

here are some pics of the panels and girls the day i got them:
Click image for larger version Name: 010.jpg Views: 13 Size: 33.8 KB ID: 99531Click image for larger version Name: 009.jpg Views: 15 Size: 40.8 KB ID: 99532Click image for larger version Name: 002.jpg Views: 12 Size: 28.4 KB ID: 99533Click image for larger version Name: 004.JPG Views: 12 Size: 81.4 KB ID: 99534Click image for larger version Name: 016.jpg Views: 13 Size: 35.2 KB ID: 99535
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