One of my ladies has streaked ahead of her sisters by a good 15"s, i’m about 2-3 weeks into flowering so i’ve got a good crop of fingernail sizes buds popping. I’m worried that the vertical growth spurt will cause problems when a kola begins to develop as I’m already restricted in space.

SO my question is CAN i lop the extra length off without damaging the plant ie If I cut it off at a bud site will they become the kola?

And would I be able to coax some roots off the cutting to give as a gift to a friend?

(indoor tent grow, in soil. They had about 5 weeks of veg so they where strong before I changed to 12/12. Even then this girl was tall. I rigged up a bubbler last week and this seems to have given them all a boost)

Any feedback gladly recieved
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