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I may have to use it. I bought some a couple months ago, and I have a potential opportunity. Not sure if I will need to be tested yet, but I have a couple of questions:

– It’s already been discussed that most labs don’t test that it’s fake/synthetic – however, what if I go to Aurora, the nearest medical clinic by me? I did a test there a couple years ago. And it seemed like the nurse just stirred it with a stick. This was for Target. If there is a possibility of being able to tell it’s fake, are there any legal ramifications?

– Lets say I try to dilute instead, because I’m too nervous about QF – thought most of you are saying I shouldn’t be via other threads… I guess what I’m asking is, if I’m trying to dilute, would it look better that I failed with mild MJ vs Fake Urine to begin with?

– Last, and most importantly. You guys are talking about testing your QF. I’ve called to verify my batch is good – however you mention strips to check for creatine levels. As far as I know, according the to instructions for QF, you aren’t supposed to open and close and re-open to use. You can warm up multiple times as long as it hasn’t been opened – so how does one check that specific mix properly?

Thanks in advance for the help
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