Need advice ! Customs spotted my LED Grow light ! Should I risk growing ? Ireland


Hey all,

So my LED light arrived from the US to Ireland today.

Unfortunately the manufacturer had ‘LED Light’ and beside that ‘Hydroponics" clearly written on the packaging for everyone to see !

So I had to sign for the package today because I had to pay ?60 in taxes to have it. Customs stopped it, opened the attached document in the plastic cover and proceeded to

read everything about the contents in the box. WTF ! That doesn’t sound right to me.

So my question is: Should I not grow weed for the first 3 months and see if the cops come to my door with a search warrent ? Maybe put some strawberries ans tomatoes up

there instead ? If customs told the local cops then the cops would be smart enough to wait 2 months before raiding the house.

Any advice would be great. Maybe from a customs official if possible 😉


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