Harvest question: help me with timeframe plz


Ok, so I have some plants that are starting to come into the home stretch. This being my first grow, I’m a bit unsure of when I will be taking the plants down.

This is bagseed grown under mostly LED(lighting changed a few times during grow).
One strain is very sativa looking #G6
2nd strain is a mix of sativa/indica look #G3
3rd strain is very indica looking #G7

G3 is having about 1/3 of the pistils are brown/amber. Using 40x loupe I see a very rare amber trich. Others are mostly clear as far as I can tell.

I just fed them 2 days ago and I’m not sure if they are 1-2 or even 3 weeks out from now. If they will be 2+ weeks I’ll probably feed again before flusing in the final week.

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