Barneys Farm Libetry Haze/ Dutchblue Auto


Small Grow Room (Self Made)
600W HPS
Sensi Grow A + B Fertilizers during Veg Stage

Hi i have been growing for about a year and have decided to have ago trying my own grow journal i have originally grown Skunk No.1 and a couple of different strains of auto flowering seeds.

I have recently visited Amsterdam and purchased Barneys Farm Liberty Haze and found this an excellent smoke with a really distinctive taste. So decided to purchase the seeds to give it go and see what the outcome is.

The only thing i have found is that there is not a lot of information about this strain being grown. So if any one has helpful information it would be much appreciated.

My seeds are currently in 24 hour darkness planted after germination waiting for them to sprout so they can be moved into the Grow Room.

Also Have a few different Auto Strains to try as well so am starting with a Dutch blue this is also at the same stage looking to be finished in about 7 weeks.

Will Upload an update with some Pics in a couple of days.
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