100% Sativa, First Grow-2012.


Hello everyone, I’ve figured it seem’s smart if I want to get experience to help guide me through my first grow. I’ve already got a few questions about the gender of my plants.

The plants have sprouted on March 15th, one month ago. They have been under a pretty constant 40 hours of light on/8 hours of light off.

My first image is what I believe to be my only female. When I observe the top of the stem (the top of the cropped picture). I notice white hairs under observable eye. There is no cluster of these hairs, it seems more like just multiple opaque or white hairs…:), but hey, I think it’s a good thing here.

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It is compared to the other two plants I have in pots. I have read about "pre-flowers" in which maintaining a vegatative state long enough initiates maturity and sexual characteristics similar to us as humans going through puberty. Judging by what I can observe, The other plants have multiple "clusters" of lobule/oval shaped spherical balls. It kind of looks alot like a chocolate orange has been cracked, except for the obvious that it’s a epithelial layer on the plant… not chocolate. :-P.

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Here’s one, I think…

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And this is a picture of the other one. Looking up higher at the top of the plant displays clusters of balls on the top, I’m pretty certain that review of the image’s I had seen online around that it is a male.

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This image here is the female with the hairs observed earlier, I’m actually pretty impressed in this one’s potential compared to the others. It is brighter in color, grew faster when planted with the other two at the same time. It seems to be just all around a big ma’ma waiting to happen. I hope : D.

My overall question right now is are my observations plausable? and if they are, should I continue to wait until I actually change to a more "hormonally" friendly 12/12 light cycle to see if these puppies stay true to the observations?

I’m anxious, I want to get rid of males and keep the female as a mother for sure :). But alas, patience will give me great yields as this is my first grow. All help is appreciated.
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