Any tips on LabCorp testing with MDMA?


Well, i’ll start off by saying I have a drug test i need to take on thursday, it’s going to be administered by LabCorp, and it seems like they have a pretty legitimate test and seems to be really really precise. it’s a per-employment test and I NEED this job! it would pay $22/hr versus my minimum wage job that I will be doing this summer. Here’s where the trouble begins, i haven’t smoked weed in a couple weeks, and I haven’t been high from it in months so i’m not too worry about that showing up. BUT i did take a bump of MDMA on friday around 4 p.m. A tiny amount, I didn’t take very much but It did give me that bad metallicy taste in the back of my throat. Am I just freaking out about the drug test? It will be 6 days since I did the bump when I need to take the drug test.. everywhere online says MDMA is out of your system in 48 hours, and plus i did such a small amount, but the risk of losing this job is making me freak out. I do also have a perscription for adderall, so any amphetamines that show up could be justified, but I read on LabCorp’s website that in their test does test for MDMA specifically. Also I did go to a drug testing center today for a quick test and I was clean all around, but i’m guessing it was just a cheap over the counter test that the testing center uses, even though they are certified to administer pre-employment drug tests. I can get a friend to pee for me thursday, I would crotch a bag of piss and try to sneak it in, i’m thinking of bringing a thermometer with to make sure it’s at the right temperature. What would you guys do? try to sneak in a known clean sample, or just stop freaking out and man the fuck up because it’s going to be clean. I’m using this to vent but any help is much appreciated!!
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