Sugar punch the organic way !


Sugar Punch ( SSH x The One )

Type: Sativa dominant hybrid
Flowering 9-10 weeks
Harvest: Up to 600 gram/m2(indoor)
Taste: Sweet combi of caramel, grapefruit and lemon
Effect: Strong almost narcotic stoned/high
Flowers: Medium long sativa like buds
Percentage up to 24%

Organic all the way !
80 times 5 gallon Root Pouches
Gold label Custom mix
Gold label Black worm castings
Complete Organic (sea weed powder, palm tree ashes, cotton seed powder, fish powder and volcanic loam)
Symbiosis mycorrhiza fungi
Sannies Bacto
Perfect start
Organic Buffer tabs .
Bac bloom

Powerboard 12 x 600 watt
8 or 10 times 600 watt Lumatek Dim.
Adjust a Wing
Torin Sifan Climate Control
Torin Sifan 3250m3 Blower
Phresh Carb Filter 1000M3
Can Lite carb Filter2500M3
Dark Propagator with 2 times 55 watt neon .(daylight)
Mabo automatic Fire extin.
RP Pump
Dab Pump 180 tma
Top spin irrigation system.

Also i bought this camera to make some better Quality shots , but i suck in gadgets like this bad ass .
Can’t figure the set up out and how to shut down the gps .

Feel free to comment or share you thoughts.
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