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Has anyone else seen this thing? I’ve seen the totally fictional one over at but this one is different and new.. Looks like someone did statistics (I think) on drug test results. Anyone think it’s a good estimation?

I stopped smoking 19 days ago and have to take a UA in a few days on the 11th for pre-employment. With my measurements and stuff, it says that I have a 75% chance of passing in 26 days without diluting or detoxing my urine. I plan on diluting anyway. I’m not a newbie toker. I’m 38, "partied" on and off since I was at least 18, and have had my fair share of negative and positive test results over the years.

These were the measurements I put in:

Age: 38

Weight: 189 Lbs

Waist: 35 Inches

Then for the selections I picked: 2, 3, 4, 3, 2, 3

I’m not worried about the UA I’m going to take this Friday. I’ve passed in shorter time by diluting twice within the last 3 years. I’m more curious as to whether or not this calculator has any merit or if it’s just fake like the other one. I’d like get responses from people that KNOW what they’re talking about. If you haven’t had personal experience with at least 2 drug tests, feel free to just read this thread. In my opinion, a 75% chance of passing in 26 days with my measurements (and without diluting) doesn’t sound unreasonable; means 1 out of 4 people will fail. I could’ve used this 10 years ago when I had that sweet job offer (yeah, I failed that one).


P.S. If you get a chance, read their "Analyzed" page too. In particular, the Detoxing vs. Diluting section. More people need to understand that good piece of information..
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