Looks like my boy has a couple males a maybe a herm HELP!!


I did a double check last night on my buddy’s plants, and sure enough after about 6 days of 12/12 it looks like we got fooled by 2 and maybe stressed on to herm, the following pics should show this, though I didn’t have a camara, I took this off line and this is just what they look like. Can someone please let me know ASAP because he had to pull this out…shame the really bushy one ws never FIM’ed or toped, and has bud spots all over it, one is a male and the other like it hermed I think…and the male plants have a skunk smell!! they came from scag I think though, but some scag could have been great bud if cared for…..ok on with the show, and thanks!!!

Male right?


and you can see the hairs, but is that a Ball? I think this may have hermed, but I haven’t seen any bunches of grape looking things YET!

Thanks for the help with this…right now they are moved about his place…time to trash? or can I save the herm? and that male plant sure bushed nice, and smells sweet, and some sugar on the leaves…if you use a scope you can see it, bit its not coated..thanks again peace
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