Hash oil (QWISO or BHO) mixed with honey in capsules?


So I’m hoping maybe someone in these forums might have some personal experience with this, I’ve already tried searching the web as well as 420Mag posts and can’t find a mention in the last 2-3 years.

A local dispensary here sells these "wicked hash oil" capsules which are quite a bit more potent than the usual whole plant extract caps and only a few cents more a piece. I asked my buddy who works there, as well as their in-house BHO expert what the ‘base’ of the capsule is, since the caps are fairly thick/solid at room temp, and only have a light amber/yellowish color (not black/dark like most caps), as well as a nice sweet flavor that’s a lot more pleasant than typical caps. They both told me it’s honey… just honey, and oil (most likely QWISO oil).

From the little bit of info I was able to locate, apparently honey might, by itself, be able to be used as a menstruum (solvent for extraction of plant oils/solids) for cannabinoids. Also, once the honey and oil are mixed and ‘activated’ (low & slow heat), supposedly the mixture is more viscous at room temp than either honey or hash oil by itself.

I’m just wondering if anyone here has any actual hands-on experience with this method (oil and honey), what extraction method was used, how much hash/oil to honey, etc..? I’ve made a few batches of capsules with various oils, mostly mixtures of olive/grapeseed/canola and a little butter, but it just seems like the dosage is too hard to gauge with the cooking oils and obviously they don’t store well in caps at room temp. Not to mention the flavor going down is usually funky… the burps are great tho. :439: Hopefully someone knows more, thanks in advance guys. :peace:

– CP
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