Quick Fix to the rescue ! Read this for reassurance :)


Hi all
Passed a split panel/LabCorp test recently. I nuked the bottle from home at 8am, my test was at 11.30 and the temperature stayed @ 98 with the heating pad in place (in fact, the heating pad stayed hot for over 12 hrs as I left it in my bag and forgot about it until later). Everything went smoothly, she didn’t seem to notice my heart beating practically out of my chest ! And….she came very close to spilling the specimen before splitting it – it was like a slow motion movie – nooooooooooooooooo – but happily she saved it from tipping, split it up, and sent me on my way. After a month of not hearing a peep, got a confirmation that all was well although no lab results to share. So as nervous as I was, I can honestly say that QuickFix works. The company is amazing, they knew what the labs in my state look for and sent me the 3oz QFPlus even – and they didn’t even charge me extra. So relax & sub 🙂 Thank you to all who have posted their advice – much appreciated :thumbsup:
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