June 12, 2012
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Hello beautiful people of 420Magazine,

Any experienced grower with real empirical evidence can respond to these 2 questions:

Do bleached leaves go back to being green and healthy again after the temperature + light stress been corrected?

If not, should I cut them or let the plant use them to death?

Please refrain from making new diagnosis, the million threads I opened I’ve not seen a single straight answer, just a lot of people making it more confusing. It is not sulfur, iron, mg or any deficiency, IT IS LIGHT BLEACHING.

Exactly 20 Days from 12/12 switch
Temps: almost 90F at peak
Light 400wHPS + 90WLED right on their faces

I thought she was gonna love me for it :( lol

Many thanks to the grower who can answer me:goodjob::bravo:
Via (only registered users can se the link, login or register)

blek av cannabis bleached leaves using led lights?
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