Smart Pot Mildew


Greetings everyone. This is my first year using Smart Pots on a couple plants and decided to go with a 15 gallon and 7 gallon to see what happens. The areas are both sunny for a good 8 hours each day with afternoon winds. My 7 gallon appeared to have some powdery mold blotched along the outside of the container all around. It was white with light green color in a few areas. I don’t use nutrients since I have them in Fox Farms soil mixed with some good compost. The water here is hard but not burdened with too much salt. I know this because my plants were fine last year. I decided to spray some SNS 244 Fungicide on the exterior surface of the pot where the suspected mold was. The plant appears very healthy but am wondering if anyone else has experienced this with Smart Pots. Should I transplant into another pot? My other 15 gallon looks great and shows no sign of mold on the fabric. The ones in the ground are mammoth and green through and through.:high-five:
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