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The War on Weed is over, somewhat, in some ways, for some of us, in some of the country-so how do you grow Cannabis sativa without breaking the law?

Have you ever dreamed of growing completely legal cannabis, in a lush garden next to your house, with­out worrying about nosy neighbors, the local sheriff or even the DEA? Would you enjoy starting your day by walking barefoot through your own private, state-sanctioned medical-marijuana garden, calmly wa­tering your 10-foot-tall Jack Herer plants while the morning sun glistens off the thick coat of resin cov­ering the uppermost buds?

Naturally, you allow yourself to indulge in that kind of pleasant daydreaming every now and again, but its just the stuff of fantasy, right? The part in the movie where Tommy Chong wakes up from his hazy stupor and discovers that the local drug task force has just taken his prized plant hostage so they can secretly smoke it themselves, or some such. Only here’s the thing: Cultivating legal pot Sensi Skunk Autoflowering is no longer a fantasy, a pipe dream or even a wonderful future in­evitability still just out of reach.

In 14 states (and growing), medical marijuana al­ready enjoys some level of official legal protection, and most pot pundits point to last Novembers presi­dential election as the biggest tipping point in Mary Jane’s favor since voters approved Proposition 215 in 1996—a ballot initiative that made California the first state to protect medical-marijuana patients hanfanbau, growers and providers.

For 12 years following the passage of Prop. 215, as state after state boldly followed California’s lead, the federal government steadfastly refused to recognize any law approving marijuana use of any kind. In fad, during both the Bill Clinton and George W. Bush administrations, this discrepancy led to

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