Synthetix5 used on a GC/MS test…HELP ME!!!!!!


Whats up all, so on a random drug test for Probation of course, and without any research at all with no time on my hands. I went to the lab with a Synthetix5 kit. I made it passed the dude that was peeping out my hammer the whole time haha. So right after that I thought I was fine as long as he didn’t notice me pissing out of a tube. And then I decided to start doing research on everything. I took the test last Wed, so it has been 4 business days since the test. I haven’t heard anything yet. But I’m on non-reporting probation so I have a feeling that I’m basically going to just have a warrant out for my arrest. Which I’m not happy about at all seeing that I have 2 years hanging over my head and only been out the slammer for 3 months. YAY ME!!!! So since Wed, I have literally done 40 pus hours of research and what it seems to have come down to is it will be a 50/50 shot that this synthetic urine is going to pass the GC/MS test. I’m extremely worried an haven’t slept in days. Does anyone have any info if this might actually work or if I’m basically straight up screwed. Thanks for listening all…HIT ME UP ASAP!!
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