Will certo help me pass a drug test?


Last friday I was partying with some friends and the cops showed up. We were drinkin and me being underaged am getting charged with underage drinking. On top of that I’m also violating my probation from kickin some kids ass in May. Court is the 19th which im positive ill be tested that day. I weigh 200 even, and ive smoked a lot literrally everyday since june 1st. My friend told me if you take b12 vitamins(makes piss yellow), drink certo mixed with gatorade(the certo makes the thc in your kidneys stick to the top of the kidneys and the gatorade flushes the rest out), and then chug a gallon of water 2-3 hours before the test. I was looking for anyone who could confirm or deny this. Or give me some more ideas on what i could do to pass the test. Anything would help. Thanks, appreciate it.
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