detox rescue ice.


hello fellow smokers. I need to pass a drug test in a few days., I havent smoked in 12 days, and my test is in 2. i know it takes habitual smokers longer to get clean. Id consider myself habitual i usually smoke a qtr to half of mid a week. my question is this.. will i be clean to take my test? i bought the 40 dollar detox ice from my local headshop just to be sure that i pass. i work out doors and drink alot of water through out the day. im 5’10 and weigh 140 pounds, i guess i have a fast metabolism since ive been the same size since 8th grade. does this stuff work. im not sure if there going to test me but id rather be safe than sorry. i cant smoke weed in jail:smokin::pimp::rasta::stoned::cool:

forgot to mention i live in the south were its hot as F*** all the time so i sweat a good amount.
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