How I passed my unsupervised urine test.


This advice assumes it is an unsupervised test(total privacy) and you have a little time to prepare.

Items you will need:

Synthetic urine or Donated sample.
4oz bottle
Back relief heat wraps
Digital thermometer
Tight pair of briefs

I spent a lot of time reading forums over the past couple weeks. Had a drug test for a really good job and needed to pass, I am a moderate smoker. Detox or diluting just wasn’t for me so I decided to go with substitution.

Their is only one reason I am posting this and that is to possibly try and help someone else pass theirs. Most posts I read involved some rather interesting ways of subbing with either synthetic or a friends urine. I chose to go with a friend whom I know is clean.

I saw a lot of silly ideas on sneaking syn/subbed urine into a DT, for instance, using condoms, taping things to your thigh or taint…I mean ouch. Anyways, here is what worked for me.

I picked up a bottle of 4oz saline solution from walmart along with some back relief heat wraps( around 4 or 5 dollars). You will also need a tight pair of briefs, boxers are too baggy and regular underwear don’t have the leggings. They need to be nice and snug. Finally a needle, thread(and to know how to use them) and a piece of fabric(roughly 5×5 or 6×6).

Ok, so now that you have your supplies in order you will need to sew a pouch on the inside of the briefs. It needs to be placed just right though, slightly between the thigh but in reach of the briefs opening. Basically what you want to be able to do is reach in the briefs slit but instead of grabbing your junk, you are going to pull out the bottle just enough to pour it into your cup. The "pouch" you sew on the inside of the briefs should be able to keep the bottle nice and snug so you can’t accidentally pull it all the way out.

So now that you have your pocket in place you will need your specimen. For me I had a trusted friend whom would donate some urine. After you have your urine or synthetic place it in the bottle and put a heat wrap around it. It takes about an hour(maybe a little more) for the wrap to get the urine(when fresh) up to around 99. Keep in mind that at this point temp and "freshness" are everything. I had an hour drive to the new job to pick up the paperwork for taking the test. I tested with labcorp. The lab was roughly 10 mins away from the job but didn’t open till 9am and I needed to be at the job at 8 so I had time to spare. I stopped at a walgreens around the corner from the lab and brought the bottle and a digital thermometer inside the bathroom and tested the sample, it was at 99 at around 8:50 so I took the heat wrap off and put the bottle in the pouch. I also made sure I wore slightly baggy shorts to the lab so their was no bulge, tucking the bottle under you testes helps as well(with temp too).

At this point its pretty self explanatory. The temp strip on the cup read it was 96-97 when it hit the cup. I made sure I saved at least and ounce to pour in the toilet for sound authenticity. I never had to take the bottle out of the briefs. Also, you should try and get a bottle with the cap attached to it so you don’t risk dropping the top in the toilet or on the floor. The lady told me to empty my pockets and that I had 3 minutes in the bathroom and she remained right outside the door. If you have 3 mins like I did, take it slow and don’t be too nervous. Maybe give the cup a little shake to add foam to the top and don’e pour the last ounce in the toliet too fast.

Practice makes perfect, I tried it at home quite a few times and it helped out a lot.

It was over very fast and it was very easy.

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