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I’ve worked for a fortune 500 company for over a decade now, and have only had to take a drug test once, to get the job. About a month ago I find out that because of a 3rd party company who’s premises I will begin working on from time to time, require I get a full background check and a u/a to get a full access badge for access to said 3rd party company premises (total bullshit, but a fact of life). The background check is not a problem, the u/a IS. I’ve been a consistent head since college (I’m in my late 30’s now). I don’t know if you the would call my usage "chronic" or "heavy", I don’t know what that means exactly, but consistent? Yes, like every day. So immediately I abstain and started drinking tones of water, popping AZO cranberry pills and B12 (I’m not convinced that helps in any meaningful way but it can’t hurt and I added it here because that’s what I did). I did stop drinking water and taking the pills the day before I took my home tests because I didn’t want to dilute, I wanted an honest appraisal of my progress). Fortunately I was able to stall the background check and the u/a and I’m still doing so. However, I think my time is running out on that.

6/20/2012: (DAY 1) I find out I will have to take a u/a and abstain. Constantly drinking water, taking 2 AZO cranberry pills in the morning and 2 in the evening along with 3 B12 pills am and pm (I’m not saying this has any positive effect, it’s just what I did).

7/10/2012: (DAY 21) I take my first home drug test (FirstCheck THC), first void, and get the "VERY VERY VERY" faint drug line (the line is fucking there, I swear!). It appears that I passed, but I sent it in to FirstCheck for the complimentary GC/MS and FAILED @ 21ng. (Picture below)
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7/12/2012: (DAY 23) I take my second home drug test, first void, but this time I can actually see the very faint pink line in the "drug" window with confidence. I send this one into FirstCheck again for the complimentary GC/MS and PASSED @ <15ng (they don’t quantify the result if it’s passing, but they did say it was ran though the GC/MS and showed negative at the 15ng cut off level. (Picture below – a bit blurry because I was having a panic attack hoping for something positive)
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I’ve taken two more FirstCheck THC drug tests at 30 days and 32 days sober. The pink "drug" line is also confidently visible but not much more visible if any than the one I took on the 12th (DAY 21). And I hope to be able to delay the u/a until I get those results back from the FirstCheck GC/MS. I send in all my samples whether I think they are passing or not, it’s free so why wouldn’t you? The only problem is that it took the USPS 12 days to ship my last test! (using normal postage) I would recommend sending them first class or something to get them to the lab quicker. I also wish FirstCheck would quantify THC levels that where below the 15ng cut off point, but they don’t (probably for legal reasons).

In conclusion, I feel confident that I will pass a u/a with out having to substitute a clean sample (which I have lined up from a close and trusted friend if needed). I understand that there is a natural ebb and flow of THC levels that might not be consistent from day to day, but if I get back a passing result from the tests I sent out on DAY 30 I will know I’m good to go. This whole process has been a nightmare and I’m going to continue to abstain for the near future. It’s just not worth losing everything you’ve worked for. I’d sub if I had to but it scares me a bit. But most heads are sneaky and clever people, so I’m confident I could pull it off if I had to.
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