Quest Diagnistics In Southern California and Quick Fix 5.7 With Uric Acid


Has anyone dealt with Quest Diagnostics lately and used quick fix? My gf has a urine test there this week and we are trying to weigh our options. The paper work says it’s an SAP 10-50 w/nit. Does this mean no gc/ms?

We have two options, one is substituting someone else’s pee(I don’t know how to handle storage of this to maintain a good sample). The other option is Canadian Quick Fix with uric acid. Both will be done using a urinator.

I would prefer to use the synthetic but have seen a small number of reports of it not working but am unsure as to their legitimacy. Anyone know the deal for this particular situation?

Also, she overheard someone saying something about them making you keep the doir open. I think this was just someone talking who didn’t actually know but just in case is there any truth to this?

Thanks in advance.
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