Whizz Kit Synthetic Urine PASS

July 27, 2012
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Substitute: Golden Shower synthetic urine liquid
Device: Whizz Kit 3oz Refillable factory-loaded with Golden Shower synthetic urine (as shipped)
Location: Southeast US
Lab: LabCorp
Test: 10 panel with SVT
Result: Negative (PASSED)

Ordered kit within last month. Used in past 10 days at medical office site for PE screen. Stored in a hot car for two days until test but not in direct sunlight. Specimen given at 98 degrees by following included directions explicitly using single heat pack. Used the pre-loaded Golden Shower synthetic urine that was included in the kit as the substitute. Results reported in 36 hours. Negative (PASSED).

Making my first post, joining the Sub Club, and landing a 6 figure job all in one day… priceless.

Thanks Guys and Gals! :thumbsup:
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