ecup/escreen concerns…could use some guidance


hey everyone, first of all I wanna say that this is the best 420 community I’ve found.
the advice is awesome and there seems to be a wealth of knowledge, which leads me to share my paranoia with you all.

yesterday, I had to take a pre-employment drug screen. I hadn’t taken one of those in 10 years–back when I was no fun and anti-weed, haha.

so instead of risking fucking everything up with my dirty pee, I obtained a sub from a very trustworthy source and followed N2’s ingenious sub guide.
everything went according to plan, fast forward to my paranoia. the lady put the eCup into the little reader thing, I signed the electronic forms, she told me I would know something in 24-48 hours, and I was outta there.

if, by some chance, the temp of my subbed sample were out of range, would I have been informed immediately and asked for a new sample?
also, I’m not familiar with the eScreen/eCup test, and from what I read the results are basically same-day…so why did the lady tell me 24-48 hours?

any insight would be appreciated, I’ve about made myself sick over this as I have a shot at a life-changing job. WAAAAHHHH 🙁 thanks in advance for your help.
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