Buying good pot in Ho Chi Minh.


hi every body im newbie here. if anyone ever wanted to go to ho chi minh city in viet nam and wanna get a pot can inbox me, there are some cheap pot self by other guys here but only leaves and trash. me only import stuff and buds only 100% gruaranty and reasonable price (4-5$ for 1 pot or 20-25$ for a packed) im new in bussiness so hope you guys may interesting. 🙂 if my price are not good you guys are wellcome to disccuss:peace: also I can guide you some place to entertain and safe to enjoy your buds. its illigal here but only on paper people smoke freelly at some bar and police dont care about tourist. the only problem is there are no good weed here as i said. other saler only sale leaves and trash. if there are buds its would be high price. so im offer you the best you could have.:)
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