51 days clean- Test Line Not "ghost" Anymore – Quick Fix 5.7 in 2012 or Dilution?


Good Evening Ladies and Gents,

I’ve been lurking around these boards for almost 2 months now, and I finally created my account a couple of nights ago. Here is my story in a coconut shell…

I have been married almost 15 years, and my wife and I quit smoking on June 18, 2012 after finding out I had made the final cut of students accepted into an extremely competitive nursing school program. Along with submitting the results of a physical and felony background checks, I have to submit the results of a 10-panel drug SCREEN which must submitted to the school in 8 days.

The beautiful thing about my situation is that I get to schedule and pay for the screen myself, so if I fail, I can take it again at a different drug testing facility. I have already found two different companies open Monday-Friday that do 24-hour testing (following chain of custody) with extra time if I come up positive. One is approximately an hour away and the other is approximately 2 1/2 hours away in a different part of the state. This gives me a secondary option in case I pee positive.

As stated before, I haven’t indulged in 51 days after being a daily smoker for 8 years (my wife and I would polish off an oz a week). I bought 20 test strips from 2 different suppliers on Amazon and have regularly been testing myself. The lines started as ghost lines, but have been getting more solid as time has progressed. This morning I tested the first void of the day, and for the first time got a pretty decent line in the test area, although it was still fainter than the control line, which I know is normal.

Even though I’ve read many encouraging comments about the "faint line situation", I’ve also read quite a few comments where folks have passed home tests with faint lines only to fail the actual test at the facility. As a backup plan, I purchased Quick Fix 5.7.1 from the maker and got it in a couple days ago. I’ve read a ton of positive comments about Quick Fix on the boards that have been posted over the years, but I have also read some negative comments about it, some of which are obviously comments from shills (can we say Drug Test Dave).

What I haven’t seen are many success stories about Quick Fix in 2012. Most are from 2011 and earlier. Has anyone had success with Quick Fix 5.7.1 in 2012?

I tested my Quick Fix along with my urine a couple nights ago, and while the urine had a somewhat faded but still obvious test line, the Quick Fix test line was as solid as the control. It is too late for me to purchase any adulteration test strips.

I think my lines are good enough. I showed them to my wife from a distance and she could see the test line immediately and she thinks I’m in the clear, but I can’t get those "faint lines on home test but I still failed the lab screen" posts out of my head.

So now the time has come…. I have waited until the last minute to test, and now my time has run out. I have to take the first test either tomorrow or Friday, in order to allow me enough time to go in and take a second test at the other facility if I fail the first one.

So, after that long ass harangue that was supposed to fit in a coconut shell, my questions are as follows:

-Would you suggest I go ahead and take the leap of faith and use my own urine on my first (and hopefully only) screen or would you go with the Quick Fix 5.7?

-Is there enough evidence to support using Quick Fix 5.7.1 on tests these days?

-Does anyone have any recent success stories with Quick Fix 5.7.1? I live in the southeastern US, if that matters.

-Am I making too much out of this? I’ll answer that one myself. No, because SO much is riding on me passing this drug screen and starting this program, including my wife being able to leave her job and chase her dreams, which she hasn’t been able to do because of my stagnant career situation up to this point. My nerves can’t take this much longer.

Damn MJ prohibition. Drinking is so much worse…

Thanks for taking the time to read.

I would like to add…

I took photos of my most recent home screens (I didn’t get a shot of the one from this morning’s first void) and a home screen of the Quick Fix 5.7.1, and I would love to share them in this thread, but according to the message board rules, I can’t post any photos until I’ve made a certain number of posts.
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