LED grow NO.3, testing the Pro-Grow 260 and Rhino Seeds. Blue Treacle & AK47 AUTOS !

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Hey everyone,

So welcome to my third grow log which will be using the Pro-Grow 260 LED from Hydroponics Hut. In this grow I will be doing something I have not tried before… autoflowering plants.

The seeds I will be using are Blue Treacle Auto Feminised and AK47 Auto Feminised from the Rhino Seed website… I heard a lot about the Blue Treacle and expect it to yield some good buds for me 😉 The AK47 is a well established strain so I am quietly confident in its genetic qualities.

So stay tuned as I will be germinating the seeds in the next few days and getting them started in their pots.

Take care all

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