Budmaster LED panel


As some of you folks know I have wanted a Budmaster for a while. I got the Budmaster 405. I was not feeling well when it was delivered so I just opened it and was just going to have a look but when I saw the power cord I figured I would get the camera out and show you what I found…

This was what made me grab the camera an awesome power cable that screws on so there will be no connection problems … but it is SHORT!!!! Dang folks these things hang on the ceiling!!!

And it comes with good hanging gear

Here are a couple of shots of the lenses. I had read that these lights needed good space from the canopy … it is true. The lenses are very "tight"and shine straight down almost. I had to pull the light way up to get the coverage. I have just started to use it so I am out on how it works just yet but you can bet I will tell you.

These lenses are not the ones in the Adjusta-Clusta as I had suspected

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