Seedling only has one set of leaves is this normal?


I’ve planted 10 seeds all together and 5 of them sufaced in 3 days tme. But this perticular one doesn’t have the 2nd set of leaves on it. I did my research by googling "seedlings leaves" and this what came up

" Seedling leaves or cotyledons are the first leaves to appear on a plant. When a seed develops in the ovary of a plant, seedling leaves form there with all the machinery needed to carry out photosynthesis. The seedling leaves lie in the seed while it is dormant like inflatable emergency rafts. When the seed germinates it takes up water ("imbibes"-water) and the seedling leaves expand. The seed’s tiny stem grows using reserves in the seed and the leaves are brought above the soil and begin the process of photosynthesis to capture energy and grow new plant parts.
Plants whose seeds have two seedling leaves are called dicotyledons and include most flowering plants (flowers, vegetables, shrubs, trees). Plants whose seeds have one seedling leaf are called monocotyledons and include the grasses and cereal grains (wheat, rice, oats, barley, etc), bamboo, palm, lilies and others. These are some other fairly consistent differences between monocots and dicots: "

If you read all of that it says "one leaf include grass’s and etc." I this a common happening for MJ plants?
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  • cannabis seedling only cotyledons

  • cannabis seedling only cotyledons


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