Subbed with QuickFix yesterday


Maybe I can offer a few pointers for women subbing, but mostly I just wanted to share the success story and I’ll post the final results once I know I’ve passed, although I can’t say I’m that nervous about it! (knock on wood)

I’ve been looking for work and wanted to be ready in case I had to do a pre-employment screening, so I ordered some QuickFix 5.7 online a couple weeks ago. Thankfully, I was offered a job pretty quickly, and sure enough I was informed I would need to go to Quest Diagnostics and submit a urinalysis. At the interview, they gave me a slip that only allotted 48 hours to complete the test, so I was glad I ordered some in advance.

So I went yesterday. My QF batch number was F6E-12, and everything with the box seemed correct (it came in plastic wrap, had a Spectrum Labs hand warmer, etc). I called the number anyway to confirm that the batch was good, and was given the all-clear.
I practiced the night before, warming up the bottle and reading the temperature indicator. For anyone who has never used QuickFix, the temp indicator is reliable but a little tricky. The directions recommend that you microwave it for ten seconds to get it to temperature, but that always seems to heat mine too much and then the indicator doesn’t show anything. I let it cool and shook it periodically until the indicator read 100 degrees, then I rubber-banded the bottle of QuickFix to the hand warmer.

I was wearing a pair of denim shorts and a loose black V-neck for easy access, going for the "nothing to hide" look. I have done the crotch thing before, but what I did yesterday was much easier, in my opinion – I tucked the bottle into a padded bra, and then wore a sports bra over that to hug everything to my chest. I felt lumpy, but I looked fine. I wasn’t sure if Quest would do a pat-down or not, as I had gotten mixed answers from the internet, but I figured no one would be touching my chest either way.

Made sure to smoke a little bowl before I left, for good luck. :jointsmile:

The time that passed from when I left my house to when I was actually in the bathroom taking the urine test was about an hour and a half. I waited in the lobby for ages. My nerves started racking up then, and the hand warmer was starting to burn a hole in my breast, but they finally called me back.

The technician asked me to hang my purse outside the bathroom, turn my pockets inside out and lift up the front of my shirt to show the top of my shorts. Obviously none of this was a problem. I was not patted down or searched any further than that.

He told me the standard drug testing procedure: I had three minutes, fill the cup to the line (which he marked right at 2 oz) and not to flush the toilet. I went into the bathroom and peed into the toilet while maneuvering the QuickFix out of my bra and pouring it into the cup. I didn’t bother with the little squirt-lid thing, just kept the regular cap on there and dumped the stuff in the cup. When I took the QF bottle out, the indicator still read 100 degrees, and I swirled it around in the cup until it lowered to about 98. Then I tossed some toilet paper in the bowl and opened the door.

The 2 oz of QuickFix didn’t quite reach the line he had made, so I was a little nervous about it, but he didn’t seem to notice at all. He poured about 3/4 of the QF into a specimen tube, dumped the rest in the toilet, and then had me empty my pockets again. I signed a few papers and high-tailed it out of there.

All-in-all, it really is easy as pie. I’m pretty sure that, as long as you get the temperature right (which you will know right away if you did) then you’re in the clear, in my experience. I will update again once my employer calls me to start, since I’ll know for sure that I passed, but I don’t think I have much to worry about. :hippy:
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