Female Preflowers?


Ok, So I’ve just changed her light cycle, she’s been flowering for about a week with about 6-12 hours of night ( I’ve gradually given her more and more night hours). She (hopefully a she) looks to be about 1- 1.5 ft. and I was just wondering if these are preflowers or just those green hairs that grow in male and female plants. But some of the hairs are wispy, yet very small, and have white hairs, but not as much as I’ve seen on the google images pictures, maybe it’s just the strain? Sorry about the quality, they’re Ipod pictures, also, I have not yet switched the spectrum of light from 5000k to 2700k, because I haven’t bought the lights yet, though I am going to very soon ( Within a week max ) but I heard it’s more likely to be a female under the blue light spectrum than red. I’ve also been putting her in front of the air conditioner at night at around 65-70 degrees (F), and spraying her with this worm-shit nutrient fertilizer that has a decent amount of nitrogen in it a little every night. Here it is: :circle-of-love: My only plant growing right now so my fingers are crossed :P’
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