Just got my ProSource 180 watt Illuminator LED. Question about light height


Sup guys as the title says just got in my LED. I took a few pictures of it.

Anyway I am starting a grow this weekend. Here are the details:
Light: ProSource 180 Watt Illuminator Jumbo UFO LED
Grow space: GL40 1’4"X1’4"X3’11.
Seeds: Femenized White Widow
Ventilation: S&P TD-Silent series 100 CFM Inline fan
Carbon Filter: 4 inch
Pot: (1) 5 Gallon SmartPot
Quantity of plants: 4

Ok guys so here is my question. Prosource recommends while vegging 12-36 inches from the plants. When fflowering they recommend 6-18 inches from the plant. How about when Germinating? Any Help would be great. I know many don’t have LEDS yet and I was originally going to go with a 150 Watt HPS but the light was an inch bigger then the tent and really would just create too much heat for such a small space. Any advice would be great since I’m going to be starting tomorrow! Thanks guys!
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