HH pruning not to look like MJ for outdoors


My WW clones normally only have 3 fingered leaves, so it almost blends in outside among other plants and does not really look like weed.

I’m sure heavy pruning like this might not be great for a plant, but plenty of times I take the whole leaf off, so leaving some of it on might be OK. It might even be a good way indoors to let more light to the lower buds instead of defoliating.

This got me to thinking about pruning the leaves of plants to only show one leaf, two, three, or even four and not look like the normal leaf.

I started this about 3 weeks ago on a few other clones with normal 5 and 7 finger leaves I have and the plants don’t seem to show any adverse reactions.

this is a normal leaf

and this is what my WW clones normally look like

I think pruning like the 3 leaf so people think "leaves of three let it be" mentality might leave it alone, or like some of these that would not look like weed to an average person.

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