Passed drug screen and physical at Colorado Concentra using quick fix. Sept. 2012


New poster here, did a lot of research on this site prior to taking a pre-employement drug screen and wanted to give back. There is not too many posts on the web about quick fix in 2012, I used it successfully in September. Pre-employement drug screens are a joke so if you’re stressed like I was, DON’T BE. It’s a piece of cake. Don’t feel bad for smoking mj, it is a plant, it grows in nature. These hypocrites ordering the drug screens go home and drink alcohol which is more dangerous to themselves and society as a whole.

Drug Screen and physical procedures at Concentra:

I bought the Canadian version just to be safe in case they tested for uric acid. I recommend the 3 oz bottle, get the newest version. I had smoked mj 2 days prior to going in and had no intention of letting b.s. politics keep me from exercising my right as a responsible citizen to get stoned and enjoy life. I didn’t have a microwave so I secured the hand warmer to it and held it up to my car heater in the parking lot. The hand warmer that comes in the box isn’t exactly efficient so I would recommend using two hand warmers, one on each side. I wore two pairs of boxer briefs and taped the bottle securely around my leg, under my nuts, on top of the first pair. Walk in and walk/sit normal. My plan b in case I felt like the bottle was a risk was dilution, so after filling out paper work I had to piss extremely bad. I went to the counter and told them I really needed to go and they took me to do the DT first. You empty your pockets into the lock box, key goes on the counter, you take the lock box into the bathroom and shut the door. Take out the bottle, dump it in the sample cup, piss in the toilet. Temp is really the only thing to worry about, 94-100. If it’s off either way, swirl it and blow on it or rub your fingers on your pants and then on the temp strip to warm it up. Shove the bottle back in boxer briefs, walk out and hand it to them confidently. It was a 5 panel, she did a dip strip and then placed it in some machine that starts with an e. Then I went and did the physical. Don’t worry about this part because at some point you’ll have to change into a gown but you do this in privacy. So keep the bottle under your nuts until that. Then when you change, take off everything including the top pair of boxer briefs, put them in your pants and fold it under your shirt on the floor or wherever. Now when the doc comes in you only have one pair of briefs on as to not look suspicious. After he’s done with you, you can dress back up in private. At this point it really doesn’t matter where the evidence is as long as it is somewhat hidden. Go and get your paper work and feel like a baller because you have passed knowing now that you won’t be suppressed by ignorant laws. Peace and love.

P.S. If for some reason they want you to do the physical first, just tell them you have too pee really bad and it hurts. They will not deny someone a bathroom under any circumstance and they will just have you do the DT if your going to pee anyway.
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