Failed drug screen


I will keep it brief. I was asked by my company to take a urine test for a upcoming job. Having smoked a few days prior i decided to weigh my options between dilution and subbing. The day of the test i decided to bring a test strip into the room with me and test the sample prior to handing it to the nurse. My test said the sample was negative so i decided to use it. 3 days later the result: Negative – Diluted.

My company asked me to retest 2-3 days later and i did. I took a at home test that morning (no dilution) and was able to produce a VERY faint line. So i figured i would be good to go for later that day. I was NOT.

My company called me and stated (a few days after the second test) that the drug testing company would not release the information to them (my company) and that the drug testing company requested that i call them.

One the phone, the drug testing company first verified my information (SS#, birthdate etc) and then put me in contact with the (medical officer?) who revealed that my test was positive for THC and that the results would be released to my company and that the results would be kept of file with (NASAC? I dont remember), so that other companys that are affiliated with this testing "consortium", as they called it, would be able to see my results.

What really pisses me off is that had i known that the drug testing company required a phone call from me to release my information, i never would have called.

So basicly, i cant work in the industry that i love for 5 years now, and its all im really qualified to do.

No idea how to proceed from here. Im screwed. I should have subbed …..
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