Buy Yourself Some More Time For Your Pre-Employment Test


I inadvertently bought myself some more time for my pre-employment test…I started work on Wednesday at a new company. The HR Dept. is in Cincinnati, I’m located elsewhere. The chain of custody form was sent to me via Fed Ex and I didn’t receive it until the night before I was supposed to start. I scheduled the test for Friday, 11/9, with my boss’s permission. I was set to go, I have been clean 2-1/2 weeks, testing clean at home and ready to go.

The form was from Quest Diagnostics, part of the form was pre-filled in, but the space for my name, employee or SSN # and type of test was blank. I thought I would save some time by writing in my name, I figured they’d just ask me to do this when I showed up for the test. I asked HR via email is I should use my employee or SSN #, she replied back that she wasn’t sure, but DO NOT WRITE ON THE FORM or the they won’t accept it. Oops, too late I said. So, I had to cancel my test and wait for a new form. I bought myself another week.

This was completely inadvertent and unplanned. It also only works if your HR dept is not in the same office you are in and they have to mail it to you. You can write on the form (nowhere on the form does it say not to do this), ask an innocent question to HR about the form and apologize profusely for not knowing, again, since it doesn’t say anything about not writing on it anywhere on the form and get yourself a few more days.

By the time I go in for the test, I will be 3-1/2 weeks THC free, and as a ‘moderate’ smoker, 5x per week gym goer w/ a ‘normal’ metabolism, this is a length of time I’m comfortable with.

Good luck!
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