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I was at the Subcool School of Dank and there was a demonstration for making Rick Simpson Oil. The man used a Thai Power ISO2. You can find it in the 1975 issue of High Times. It works so great for making RSO. You pour in a 5th of everclear and just let it run for 24 hours. Then when all the oil is extracted, you place a cup inside the unit. The cup recovers all the everclear and leaves finished RSO in the bottom. It’s the coolest thing I ever saw.

He said he puts about 8-10 ounces of weed in the machine and gets a return of about 2 ounces of RSO.

Unfortunately, you can’t hardly find the old machines anywhere. But there is a company that started making them again. Here is the company ………

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Unfortunately they are pricey. But, you’d make you money back quick when you take into account the price of RSO. There are instructions available on the sight and they give a really good idea how this thing works.
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