How long does it take for drug test results to come back?


Ok so here it goes, I smoked last Thursday then the day after, I cut my finger at work. I had to file an incident report, then my manager tells me I have to take a drug test. My heart dropped when he said that. I had 3 days to get clean. I rarely smoke and Im 121 pounds, 21 years old and have good metabolism. I drank water and green tea nonstop then that sunday, I took a quickscreen home drug test and it came out negative. I had to take the test the Monday that just passed at Quest Diagnostics. Early that morning, I drank green tea, water and gatorade. When I took the urine sample, my urine looked pale yellow. Still nervous after I was done work that night, I got another Quickscreen test and it came out negative again, but this time the second line was faint but I heard that still means its negative. It calmed me down to pass 2 home drug tests, but I’m still a little nervous. It’s now Thursday. If it would of came out positive, would they of called me by now? I’m a nervous wreck. I’m still working though and I would like to keep it that way. By the way who would contact me first if I would of failed? I posted so many threads on other websites and they all gave me negative answers. PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME SO I CAN STOP BEING PARANOID!!! LOL
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