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  • December 12, 2012


People talk about benefits of marijuana, but everything is usually somewhat scattered… They say that is true but look like really rumors instead of facts found and scientists.
We tried to make a compilation, trying to explain point by point all current uses of hemp.
Walk around in this article are the uses of this plant so mistreated by society, and yet so generous in their applications.

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Most common raw material is cellulose, low cost and readily available.
Normally plant celluloses are used, mainly wood obtained from trees (pine and eucalyptus).
Of course, since 2,000 years ago, our beloved hemp was used, which obtained cellulose for papermaking.
But in the nineteenth century, they began to exploit the most abundant source of fiber in the world: forests.
Now, in the XXI century all primary forests of Europe and much of North America, have been disappearing. Being one of the causes the manufacture of paper.
In America, Asia and Australia, natural forests are destroyed regardless of the environmental price we have to pay.
The benefits of hemp and its possibilities are especially important to the current situation our planet. Recall that hemp is grown and harvested for its fiber out in seven or eight months, while a pine forest approximately take about 22 years to reach maturity.


For hemp virtues accompanied humans throughout almost its entire history.
Hemp fiber is very durable and stable. The fabric is produced lasts up to five times more than that made in cotton. It absorbs moisture far better than cotton and with its thermal qualities, makes it cool in summer and warm in winter.
Even environmentally, hemp is superior to cotton. Because cotton crop damage soil and abuse of fertilizers and pesticides. With hemp crops don?t need so exaggerated use of fertilizers or pesticides.
From hemp fibers are drawn very high strength fabrics, both for industry (textiles, tarpaulins, sails for boats) and for human use in clothing (socks, shoes, bags, carpets, pants, high strength cables …).
We must add that by cultivation and ecological treatment, hemp clothing is very suitable for sensitive skin.


These plastics (petroleum) are the most widely used in packaging of food items. Imagine the amount of these containers there are today in supermarkets
Are discarded without control, and have caused huge dumpsters. As further example is the landfill called "plastic soup" the world’s largest.
Suffice it to say, that the molecular characteristics of plastic have an exaggerated resistance to environmental degradation. Therefore, the disposal of these products is a bomb for our ecology.
The candidate to replace fusel oil is hemp, used for all uses petrochemicals, and also completely biodegradable and recyclable.


Thousands of marijuana utilities in ancient medicine (home remedies, potions …).
But let’s not get carried away by the past, because there are thousands of medicinal marijuana profits in our modern age, namely:

Glaucoma: Marijuana reduces intraocular pressure, relieving pain and reducing the degenerative process of the loss of sight.

Cancer: Our beloved plant, relieves vomiting, sickness, and of course the loss of appetite, which are caused by chemotherapy in cancer treatments.

AIDS: Cannabis is an invaluable help to curb sickness, loss of appetite, vomiting … that are caused by the disease and treatment with AZT.

Chronic Pain: Marijuana relieves aches and pains of many diseases.
Multiple sclerosis: Needless to have been proven analgesic properties of cannabis products. Giving the patient a relief rheumatoid arthritis, cancer, headache, dysmenorrheal, neuralgia, chronic intestinal inflammation…

Anorexia: In this disease, marijuana use carries an appetite stimulation through the effect of THC. Logically is supplied as fractionated total doses of 5 mg. per day.

Epilepsy: Use of cannabis prevents seizures in most patients. Thanks to the antiepileptic effect of cannabinoids, the same anticonvulsant activity of phenytoin and diazepam are further enhanced with the combined use of THC.

Asthma: The effects of oral THC (15 mg) corresponding approximately to benefit obtained with therapeutic doses of common bronchodilator (salbutamol). You have to know that marijuana is a natural bronchodilator therefore helps the lungs to breathe. For asthma sufferers are often discourage ingestion by pulmonary route (unless vaporizers are used), since the joint combustion is not well tolerated by asthmatics.

Arthritis: The usual treatment is based on opiates that help relieve pain and other inflammatory products that improve joint movement.
Cannabis mitigates and even eliminates pain and improves mobility without dependency side effects, compared to opiates and drugs that carry such side effects.

Anxiety / Sleep Disorders: Cannabis reduces stress of anxiety states, achieving body relaxation. You also have to know that cannabis increases heart rate, so that patients suffering palpitations or other cardiovascular problems should take it with caution and always in consultation with a physician.

Alzheimer: being studied is one component of cannabis, since it could regenerate neurons (the only cells that do not regenerate body alone). Currently, it is the only known substance that could do such a thing.

Depression: One of the most notable symptoms of this disease is that their mental disorders lead to lose interest in what surrounds the person, including anxiety. Common treatments include antidepressants with multiple side effects.
Cannabis calm anxiety in mental disorders, side effects and forgetting.

Atopic Dermatitis: The medicine used steroids and even ointments. Even people use steroids in acute crises.
Cannabis use lowers the itching and pain diminishes. Besides that if use is discontinued, helps to regenerate and protect the skin. Just would need some ointment to soothe itching determined locally.

Backaches: Its use rubbing alcohol and hemp areas, dramatically relieves back pain such as lumbar and cervical (both acute and chronic).

Glaucoma Eye: The medicine uses chemicals with devastating side effects that damage both the liver and the lungs. Arriving in particular cases for elective surgery.
Marijuana constricts the eye nerves to secrete less fluid, thus helping accumulated fluid is redistributed and absorbed. Dilates also allowing mucosal eye drainage promoting the circulation of aqueous humor.

Skin infections and burns: Because many bacteria have become immune to certain antibiotics, topical use of cannabis ointments eliminated infections such infections. Referring to burns, the application of these relieves pain and prevents infections.

Insomnia: Always have used cannabis, more specifically cannabis indica, as a sleep aid. The substance responsible is called cannabidiol that is responsible for inducing sleep. Against this, we have pharmaceutical industry and products, which include the possibility of a fatal overdose, as well as side effects.

Menstruation and travail: Since ancient times, cannabis has been used for its muscle aches for causing menstruation. One of the most famous users of cannabis consumption for this ailment was Queen Victoria of England.

Migraine: Usually used opiates for the treatment of these conditions, giving the problem of inability to make normal life. But with cannabis, using medicinal doses, relieving the disease works because it stimulates the production of serotonin, which stops the process that triggers migraine nervous. Many patients have smoked cannabis to stop eating later noting that the pain disappears.

Paraplegia and quadriplegia: Both conditions do not override the movement of the limbs (paraplegia affects the legs, quadriplegia affects the arms and neck) but voluntary movement. Muscles contract as painful spasms, the patient has no control over them. The treatments currently being administered, resulting in side effects. A good option would be to use marijuana desentumece muscles and relieves pain from these spasms.

Withdrawal: It has now demonstrated the usefulness of cannabis to alleviate the withdrawal effects of drug addicts as opiates, alcohol.

Rheumatism: As with treatment for arthritis patients treated with marijuana gain mobility and reduce or even eliminate the pain.


Hemp essential oil is taken once cold pressed cannabis. Medical applications for this oil are immense, useful for regulating blood cholesterol levels (high intake of Omega 6), promotes digestion of fats and prevent them from sticking to artery walls, helps combat eczema and psoriasis (is highly moisturizing and anti-inflammatory), is scientifically proven that hemp oil is beneficial for rheumatoid arthritis and intestinal inflammation.
Besides increasingly talking about the virtues of hemp essential oil in the food, it contains a large amount of polyunsaturated fatty acids (Omega 6).


Hemp seeds are large producers of vegetable protein. Its high fatty acid content of the seed make an interesting friend to care for /or prevent cardiovascular diseases, and helps in the proper functioning of the immune system by fatty acids and vitamins A and E.

It?s high in fiber, and being one of the more digestible vegetable protein, making them ideal for constipation.
The nutrition of grain per 100 grams:
25% protein, 35% carbohydrate, 35% oil (essential fatty acids, Omega 3 and Omega 6), 380 Kcal.
Provides vitamins A, C, D, E and group B. Among highlights his contribution minerals calcium, phosphorus and iron.
Comparison of hemp seed and soy:

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In cosmetic uses hemp oil, because its properties are very effective for the beauty and health of our skin.
Among these properties are: oil is richer in essential fatty acids, high in vitamin E (increases blood flow and restructures the epidermis), containing a large degree antioxidants, minerals and vitamins essential for skin moisturizing properties ( ideal for emulsions and hair masks), their skin regenerating properties make it ideal aftershave.
All this added to its softness, quick absorption and high nutritional value, have made him a welcome addition to the protection of the skin, and a basis for the development of different products for high-end cosmetics (oils, lipsticks, moisturizers, shampoos , soap, wrinkle creams, creams for dry skin, sunscreen …).


Cannabric (German Company Monkia Brumer in Guadix) manufactures handmade hemp bricks.
They are as tough as usual brick even are approved and constructive use is legal, and are vastly greener.
Its manufacturing plant carries hemp fibers, natural hydraulic lime, mineral mix, soil from the caves of Guadix. All this is later pressed and dried in air, whereby the energy consumption in its manufacture is almost null.
Your benefits from its outstanding pass granting asylum to thermal, acoustic and bioclimatic reaching regulate temperature and humidity home, and resistant to loads and fire.
The Spanish drawback is that only grows hemp, and be imported, and the product more expensive, but even with this fault, we say that the energy savings are amortized in a few years.


It is well known by all farmers, hemp bran for horses (in addition to the crop), which put its nutritional content:

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As an example we have the two long historical famines Australians who lived in the nineteenth century, got their animals survive using only hemp seed protein and leaves as fodder for their livestock.


As mentioned above, the hemp oil is highly valued in the culinary world for its nutritional value.
The seeds are used in cooking, and products such as:
Hemp and cinnamon chocolates, chocolates with hulled hemp seeds, hemp flour, calamus oil, hempseed cinnamon toast. Hemp seed toast with chili, and many more …
Currently there are thousands of recipes with hemp, which exploit their nutritional values.


So called hemp bales are used as bedding for animals, mostly for horses.
Hemp is also used as cattle mesh network, allowing a considerable saving in material for cattle bed.

Ultimately, clothes, food, houses, furniture, oil, fodder, biomass heating, soap, shampoo, mats, bags, insulation, plastics, felts, paints, varnishes, fuels, lubricants, geotextiles, etc … and not do anything more only but ban, good way to take advantage of nature.

To finish, let a quote from a French expert in agriculture "There is no plant to provide greater benefit to mankind than hemp. It is even more beneficial than the wheat. "

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