Shrute’s 600w Grow Cabinet – Multiple Strains


Hello all! Welcome to my grow! For my first round I am running 4 strains, 5 plants in total. Because I am still getting this whole thing down, I didn’t chose any seeds I really care about from my stash. The seeds I am running are:

(x2) Grape Gum by Ripper Seed Co.

(x1) Critical H.O.G. by TH Seeds

(x1) Gigabud by G13 Labs

(x1) Pineapple Express Auto by Barney’s

All of these were started in coco+perlite. They have been taking a while to develop possibly due to low RH, but a few daily mists help get it up. Right now they are under the 600w MH and are on a 20/4 light schedule. They are being watered when necessary with tap water for now, though I had an incident with my gigabud where it drowned because I forgot to poke holes in the bottom of the solo cup. It’s just starting to recover. Once these plants are older I will start using my botanicare line nutrients, along with calmag which is an essential when working with coco.

My goal for this operation is to pull 3-5 ounces of different strains each round for person toking, and to observe, learn, and smoke different strains and phenotypes for the love and knowledge of MJ. Once these babies are vegged a bit, I’ll throw in the HPS and flip to 12/12. For now they are in solo cups, but they are going to be transplanted into 3 gallon grow bags with coco and perlite. The ratio of coco coir and perlite in each bag will differ, as I want to see which is the best and/or how each perform differently. Because my cabinet is equipped for DWC hydro, future rounds may include that or possibly plants in soil. Overall, I’m hoping that getting involved in this great online growing community, and working towards my goals instead of just thinking about them will add a certain element to my life that I felt has been missing recently. I can’t wait for these plants to take off 🙂

Picture 1 – Grape gum #1
Picture 2 – Gigabud
Picture 3 – Critical H.O.G.
Picture 4 – Grape gum #2
Picture 5 – Pineapple Express auto

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