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Well to start I applied for a job months ago(didn’t expect them to call back) and ironically about a month ago I started smoking again. I probably smoked anywhere from 1-3 grams a day for a month and stopped roughly a week or more ago. Now if I hear back from them after interviewing last Friday I’ll have 2 more weeks to dry out before I actually have to go in for a test(told them I needed to give a 2 week notice at my old job) which will put me about half a week short of 4 weeks since I smoked. I’ve recently lost 35lbs and still dropping and all I’ve drank for more than a month is pretty much bottled water–so under ordinary circumstances I should be able to pass a drug screen pretty easy.

However the kicker is this is an IT engineering position for the city I live in nd it pays pretty well–the kind of job that might actually send my piss in for a drug test instead of just a simple on the spot screen. I’ve read that screens don’t find anything below 50 and that tests will find down to 15 or above, so considering my recent diet and the fact I drink about 8 bottles of water or more a day what would an educated guess at my chances of passing be?

Also any idea of roughly how much water you can drink the day of without diluting the test?
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