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Whether you were there in Amsterdam with us, or missed out this time around, behold… here are the world’s best buds of 2008.

Utopia Haze

1st Place Saliva Cup, Breeder’s Buds & 2nd Place Cannabis Cup, Coffeeshop Buds

Barney’s Farm

How do they do it? Barney’s Farm, once again faking home prestigious first place in the Breeder’s Cup, have finally gotten their first win in the sativa category. It’s mind-baffling how many

Chocolate Haze

Chocolate Haze

Cups Derry and Sisal consistently take home, let alone the fact that this was their first top finish in sativas.

The Utopia Haze, a ludicrously pure Brazilian strain, is a straight jungle variety with absolutely no genetic modifications. The master growers from Barney’s have kept the line pure, only back-crossing selected plants with stronger genetics from the same line, resulting in the stabilization of the desired phenotypes. Apparently, the celebrity judging panel desired these phenol too!

Strains of success 01-01Grown both indoors and out, the Brazilian genetics lend themselves to warm climates and do particularly well under the sun’s natural Light. The initial selection for this plant was massive, with the growers planting over 3,500 seeds in an outdoor plantation. With a sweet and spicy Haze flavor and super sativa high, the Utopia Haze was a top pick across the board at this year’s Cannabis Cup.

De La Haze

2nd Place Sativa Cup, Breeder’s Buds

Paradise Seeds

The De La Haze is an extremely potent satŕva variety that has a beautiful aroma containing hints of citrus and mango, but with that typical dominant Haze scent. The high is a creeper, but stays clear in the head and adds a pleasant and suiting body effect after a short While that helps balance the stone. In general, its euphoric, uplifting high is not psychedelic or trippy. For growers, the yields are large, and the plant finishes early for a sativa (approximately nine weeks indoors]. For the fullest effects, let her flower an extra week, which will result in very fine, Hazy sativa flowers. These plants will become fat, since they grow multiple branches filled with clusters of buds. It is suggested that growers induce flowering early on in the vegetative stage before they get too big!


Nico’s 2009 Cup Pick

Soma Seeds

It was heartbreaking that this line didn’t make the cut on all the judges’ scorecards this year, but it missed placing in the Indica Cup by a very narrow margin. One of Soma Seed latest masterpieces, the Kushadelic has a powerful stone and sharp bite in ils taste.

Strains of success 04-04This plant, a hybrid of 0G Kush x G-13 (male), produced dense nugs, looking slightly darkish like an old Bubba Kush might. This year, the entry was particularly well cured, rarity for many strains grown in Holland. The buds ground up nicely and burned perfectly when rolled. The taste was sour and chronic–a true connoisseur’s flavor, reminiscent of the original Chem-D.

Perhaps the best parl of the Kushadelic was its cut-through high. Perhaps one of the most potent stones of the Cup, this was one strain you had to be careful not to smoke at the wrong time or you’d be at risk of getting lost, losing your cell phone and sitting in the park for hours. But then again, what else would you expecl from Soma?

Mount Cook

1st Place Indica Cup, Breeder’s Buds

Kiwi Seeds

Mount Cook (or Aoraki, as its known among the Maori) is the highest and most majestic mountain in New Zealand, and Kiwi Seeds has certainly produced a plant that lives up to the name! During judging sessions high up in the Temple, Mount Cook’s jar never left the top shelf. It was repeatedly challenged, but its deep indica stone and Kushy flavor dwarfed the other contenders. Mount Cook is an indica hybrid, with the mother coming from Afghani/Thai roots. She was selected oul of hundreds of females in a Kiwi Seeds breeding program lhat was carried out in NZ in 1448. She was picked for her short flowering times, THC content and compact structure, as well as her fruity taste and aroma. The resulting plant was finally brought back to Holland in clone form, and afler much trial and error crossing her with various males, a suitable pollen donor was found. The chosen father came in the form of a Northern Lights x Hash Plant that had been used in a previous hybrid from Kiwi Seeds called Milky Way.

Mount Cook comes with all those familiar indica characteristics: lovely deep-green leaves; short, thick stems and branches; plus fat, pungent buds Legal Highs

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