Quick fix mixed with diluted urine


I recently had a drug test at a clinic, it was a split specimen test because the nurse put my sample in two little vials. I had a half a bottle of quickfix left and brought that with me. I knew I wouldn’t have enough synthetic so I also took a Jazz Total detox drink which is basically just a dilution strategy. I followed the directions on the detox drink exactly. Went into the bathroom and poured the 96 degree quick fix in the cup, it filled up to about 40 ml. I was required to give 60 ml so I peed into the cup until it reached that line. My urine was pretty clear looking but the quick fix gave the sample a yellow color. Since it was split specimen I’m not sure if they test the urine there at the clinic or send it off to a lab. My question is am I good with mixing diluted urine with the quick fix?
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