Best recipe for cannabis infused e juice


I need to find the best method of making my own e juice for my e cig. I want to take out the nicotine and replace it with as much thc/cbd as possible. I tried the two month experiment where you mix your bud with the glycerin and shake once a day. For 60 whole days. It’s a bitch let me tell you. Not hard but just a bother. So I’ve made cannabis tincture with 190% alchol with a double boiler pan and a crock pot. I’ve used both so it doesn’t matter to me. They both work good. The crock pot you can put outside if you’re worried about the everclear igniting. Just run a cord. But back to making vaping fuel. I’ve made kick ass cannabutter with the crock pot so why not use glycerin to do the same thing. Cook the week to release the thc and then cool and strain. Same principal. So has anyone done a glycerin based, cannabis infused e juice that was the bomb? Let me know please. You can even get the e juice without nicotine and without flavor. Just the two different glycerins and distilled water. Or you can get flavored e juice with no nicotine. These things come in big bottle. Gallon bottles if you like. But if you know where to buy this stuff, you won’t pay $200.00 plus for a gallon like some shops are charging. I found some for as little as $75.00 a gallon. You might think that’s expensive but think of the cost of the little bottle and how many you’ll buy and use in a year or two or even five. So anyway, send me the best infusion method. Peace out and stay medicated. :55:
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