1st Time Sub Success at LabCorp with Quick Fix Plus 5.7-1



I was recently accepted into a health sciences degree program at my college and was notified I would be required to submit a 10-panel urine drug screen within a month. I am an everyday smoker (4-5 blunts a day) and have been for 7 years. I quit smoking for 23 days and took an at-home THC test and was still showing a positive result. Since this was such an important opportunity I was getting really stressed at this point. Only 1 week left to submit the UA and I was nowhere near being clean. I started searching the internet and found Quick Fix. I read, literally, every personal account on multiple forums for the last 3 years and found it to be reliable for passing as long as you could get it through the door at the right temperature and have a good batch. I took a trip to the local head shop where I found several brands but right in the middle of them all was Quick Fix.

I bought Quick Fix Plus (3 oz. size) with included vial containing uric acid beads (Canadian version) batch number P4QQ-13. I verified the batch to be good on their website and tested it with an at-home THC test just to be sure it worked. I wanted to cover every aspect I could before trying to pull off the substitution. The day before I went to LabCorp, I practiced with the temp. I was able to keep it at 96 degrees without the hand warmer for 30 minutes so I felt comfortable that with the hand warmer I would have no trouble with the temperature. I was ready, but still nervous that it would actually pass the lab testing.

The test day was here. I woke up, heated the Quick Fix for 10 seconds, then an additional 10 seconds because my microwave sucks. It was reading at 100 degrees. I broke open the hand warmer, shook it up for 30 seconds or so, then used the provided rubber band to attach the hand warmer to the bottle. I tucked it away and headed into LabCorp. When I arrived (about 10 minutes after heating the Quick Fix) I found the waiting room to be completely full and was thinking I was going to be waiting forever. I gave the chain of custody form to the front desk and took a seat right in front of the clock. I watched the minutes fall away, a total of 20, which seemed forever, then they called my name. I was taken back into a room where I signed the paperwork. Then I had to wait about 5 more minutes because they were so busy. One drug screen after another, then it was my turn. The girl took me back to the bathroom, gave me the don’t flush don’t wash your hands speech and then closed the door. I pulled out the bottle of Quick Fix, shook it, and checked the temperature, 97, right on! I poured it into the cup and headed out. She looked at it, checked the temp, then poured a small amount into a container and told me to flush the rest. I walked out feeling confident that the sample was accepted at temp and the results would come back negative.

The very next day I received an e-mail with the results (since it was being processed through an online background verification company). Negative for all 10 substances with no comments. They didn’t suspect it as being synthetic at all!

I read so many stories and wanted to share mine for anyone who is in need of an alternative to passing their drug test. As of today, in the state of Florida, this method of substitution will work for you at LabCorp. It’s much easier to do than I had imagined, also. Literally, a piece of cake to pull off.

If you have any questions, I would be happy to answer them. Happy substitution to all! :rasta:
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