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This method may take a few days to post in its entirety, as I am going to go deeper than just procedure, so that the information can be educational to ANYONE that comes across it. I will make a video soon, I am currently in the process of moving. I may end up covering a few different methods through videos.

The main method that will be discussed here is "Dr. Atomic’s marijuana Multiplier". I want to remind everyone that I am not advocating that anyone who has never handled at least home depot grade chemicals before, if you do not know what you are looking at when you go to home depot, it is not time to try this yet. And further, I suggest taking some form of chemistry class beyond highschool before doing this.

This method was produced and advertised for turning trim or shit weed, into good quality or even "Best" quality hash.

1. Collect Stems, Trim, Shake and Hash remnants in a glass jar. It is best to keep hash separate to protect your grinder during step 2. But the hash will be made even better.
2. Get a coffee grinder, and when you have an oz or more in your jar, grind it up and put it back. Then redo step 1 and 2, or move on to step 3.

3. Using a coffee filter/cheese cloth/etc and a solvent such as (pure) alcohol/acetone/naphtha/etc and another glass jar, extract the THC and other Cannabinoids from the plant material. If you don’t know what this means, it’s not time for you to do this yet. Just save more stuff, and maybe try a simple extraction that doesn’t involve the extra steps that this thread will present.

If you can handle this, create a reflux machine. A reflux machine is somewhat like a still, but different. It will involve a pot of boiling water, with a smaller pot inside, and a rope under the pot inside to create about an inch of space between the two pots. The smaller pot should have a polyethylene trash bag which will be safe to use with solvents. In the trash bag should be an even smaller pot (stainless steel) should contain the solvent with the marijuana. This all should be covered with a upside down pot lid that is cooled by bags of ice. The solvent will boil in the inner inner pot, and go to the trash bag. In the inner inner pot, you will be left with empty plant material. DO NOT leave this unwatched, and it is heavily suggested that you use a hot plate that has no open electric sources. The solvents used CAN and WILL catch fire.

You don’t want the solvents to extract chems from the bag,. So it would be best to get the right bags, unless you want to end up with some "Breaking Bad" type problems i.e. Body in the Bathtub.

You will be keeping the marijuana AND THE SOLVENT that is left in the stainless steel jar. But you STILL want to get the right bags, so that you aren’t smoking plastic.

From here, you dump the solvent and grinded bud back into the glass jar, and do what was said to do in step 3. (I only said the steps out of order because if step 3 makes no sense, then the reflux will make no sense. And if the reflux makes no sense, you will get a lower quality product, but you can still continue without creating the machine, and just doing a simple extraction. Again, the only factor that will change here is quality.

Use a strainer to hold the plant material, filter material (cheese cloth, etc) under that, a Collander to hold it all. The solvent will evaporate and fall back through the plant material so it can extract more cannabinoids. Eventually you will be left with less solvent and a bunch of cannabinoids.

STEP 4. Get a small cake pan that is bigger than the stainless steel pot, but that can fit in the colander. If you want, you can keep the marijuana mash and make more hash still, so just leave it to dry and put it in the freezer. Cake pan goes in Colander, Colander goes on top of stainless steel pot. This time when you use the reflux machine, the solvent will evaporate OUT of the stainless steel pot and INTO the cake pan. This is another part you can skip, but you will risk quality.

Step 5.

This is a step to make sure your hash is completely clean of solvents and water. After this step you would have some fairly awesome hash (if you have gone through all the other steps) and could stop and smoke here if you wanted… But for those who want "The Best" hash, do step 5, then continue on.

Get a pot that is bigger than the stainless steel one, and fill it with cooking oil. Put the hash in the stainless steel pot, and the stainless steel pot in the oil. Use a candy thermometer and wait for the oil to get to 220 F or 104 C. Hold a small mirror over the stainless steel pot. When the mirror no longer fogs up, you have removed all extra solvents and water from your hash.

Step 6.

Now… This is the FIRST step that is really doing more than most average extraction methods (other than multiple purity runs). But we still aren’t done after this.

What you need for this is Petroleum Ether, and preferably an ice bath to keep the glass in the whole time.

Dissolve the hash in 5x its weight in petroleum ether, this can be measured by weighing your hash, then "Tare"ing your scale with a glass on it, and weighing out 5x the weight in Petroleum Ether.

You are going to want to use a bottle that has a screw top (mason jar, etc)

Add the same volume of water as Petroleum Ether (Use the same glass and scale, or even draw a line on the outside of the glass when you weigh the Ether)

Measure HALF of the water and add that much more Petroleum Ether. (This is what the book says, but I think it is a typo and I will test it myself. I believe this part of the step should be alcohol. So that there is one layer of water, one layer of ether, and one layer of alcohol. As the book says there will be 3 layers)

A. Screw the cap on, flip the jar upside down for a moment, then immediately return it upright.
B. Wait for the liquid to flow down the side of the jar for a moment, then open the cap to relieve pressure.
C. Then recap.

Repeat A, B and C 25x

Step 7.

If you have a glass bong, and a funnel that will not release any chems into the solvent. Then at the end of step 6, pour the mixture into your bong. But pour like beer, so that you do not create bubbles. Bubbles will capture and trap the Cannabinoids in a place you can not retrieve them.

Let the 3 layers settle out with your bong sitting next to the sink, then connect a rubber tube to your down stem, and blow the 2 bottom layers into the sink. If you want to try to keep as much Cannabinoids as possible, then make sure you keep a TINY bit of the middle layer as a buffer. But if you are willing to throw away a small amount of your product in exchange for purity, then blow out the entire middle layer, which will most likely make you blow out a little tiny bit of the top layer.

If you do NOT have a bong and funnel that is made of the correct material, the you will need to get 2 glass jugs, 2 pieces of rubber tubing. 2 rubber stoppers for the top of the glass jars, each stopper needs to have 2 holes that fit the rubber tubing. 4 glass tubes (1 long, 3 short) that fit in the holes on the stoppers, and the rubber tubes fit on them.

The jars are basically set up like a still (but with no heat). One jar will contain the extract, and will have a glass tube working like a straw leading up to the rubber tube. Then the rubber tube will lead to a short glass tube in the second jar. The second jar will have a glass tube sticking out as an air hole, and the first jar will have a glass tube connected to a rubber tube for you to blow in.

You want to make sure that the long glass tube stop right before the middle layer, so that it can reach the entire top layer, but not suck up the middle layer.

When you blow in the tube on jar 1, the extract will be forced up the long glass tube, and into the second jar.

Once finished, add the same amount as Ether as you used to dissolve the hash the first time. But add it to the dirty stuff left in the first jar or bong. Then repeat the steps a few times, so that you have AS MANY cannabinoids out of the 3 layers as possible

Step 8.

Set up the reflux machine with the cake pan, colander and stainless steel pot again. The same as in 4. Ether goes in the stainless steel pot, and the water in the outer pot is SLOWLY boiled to 140 F or 60 C. The solvent will boil and you will be left with Cannabinoids in a little solvent in stainless steel pot. MAKE SURE THE TRASH BAG IS SEALED, AND DO NOT LEAVE THE CONTAINER BOILING WITHOUT SOMEONE WATCHING.


Step 9. You must be 21 for this step, and also must have someone who has experience in a college lab on hand.

Once step 8 is complete, fill a tub with hot water and put the stainless steel pot in it to evaporate any remaining solvents.

The next step is to Isomerize the molecules. We are literally changing the molecular structure of the Hash. This means that ALL Cannabinoids (CBN, CBD and even non active Cannabinoids) will be turned into active Delta-9-THC.

Doing this should make your hash 2x stronger, but could make it up to 6x stronger depending on how many other Cannabinoids are present.

You will need some COMPLETELY PURE (this means ZERO WATER) methanol, Sulfuric acid, glass beaker (or mason jar) for dissolving, a glass stirring rod, a pyrex glass pot, a reflux machine, Petroleum Ether, and the Petroleum ether blow tube machine that was made with 2 jars (or your glass bong), baking soda, safety goggles, rubber kitchen gloves (as long as possible), a rubber apron or large sheet of rubber, clothing that covers as much skin as possible, face mask (or bandanna), a box with a styrofoam cooler (or Polyurethane-foam) fit snuggly inside, water…

Sulfuric acid is corrosive. If it touches your eyes or skin it will cause harm, if you have never taken a chemistry class beyond highschool do not continue forward until you find someone who has. At least one ORGANIC CHEMISTRY or BIOCHEMISTRY major would be preferable.

Remember in fight club when he kissed his hand and put lye (a strong base) on it then washed it off with vingar (an acid), this is the opposite of that. The acids mentioned are JUST AS STRONG as the base (lye) used in fight club. It WILL burn, melt and destroy your skin. So put AS MUCH baking soda in the mixture as will dissolve, so that if you get burned you can quickly dump it on your skin and hopefully stop any severe harm.

The acid should be kept in the bottle it came in, and stored in the box with the styrofoam lining.


Using PURE METHANOL WITH NO WATER (Water will react in a violent way with the acid when you add it later) dissolve the Cannabinoids in 10g Methanol to 1g Cannabinoids. This should be done in the glass beaker or mason jar.

Next step is to add 100% pure Sulfuric acid at 1 drop per gram. So if you don’t have a gram of Cannabinoids, either save what you have or stop after step 8.

Before you add the acid, begin stirring the methanol mixture with the glass rod. While still stirring (slowly but completely stirring), add the drops 1 drop for every 1 gram you have.

Now, pour the mixture into the pyrex. And put the pyrex into your Reflux machine in place of the stainless steel pot. Pyrex MUST be used, the acid has a chance of eating anything else. If you use metal, you are extracting metal. You will not use anything but the Pyrex this time, you don’t need the Colander or Cake pan. You just want it to evaporate, and fall right back in.

Boil for 2 hours. The acid will not evaporate, and will remain in the glass. WAIT FOR IT TO COOL COMPLETELY BEFORE CONTINUING.

It is not ok to add water to acid, but it IS ok to add acid to water. So now, cool the solution of acid/methanol/cannabinoids and mix in an equal volume of water, plus 1/2 the volume of water in Petroleum Ether. So 2 parts Methanol mix, 2 parts Water, 1 part Petroleum Ether.

Do the same thing you did before in the mason jar, and flip the solution over 25x, releasing pressure each time. Then in the end pour the mixture (beer style to prevent bubbles) into the 2 jar blowing apparatus that was created earlier to separate layers (or your glass bong).

Use the same method as before to get the Petroleum Ether alone. But it IS NOT ALONE. DO NOT EVAPORATE AND SMOKE THIS, YOU ARE NOT DONE.

Measure out 4x the volume of water that you have in Petroleum Ether, and in that water add 5% Baking Soda… 1g baking soda to 20g water.

The baking soda (a base) will react with the sulfuric acid (an acid) to create Sodium Sulfate (a neutral, non-harmful salt).

Remove the Petroleum Ether layer, then add more water (no baking soda this time) and Petroleum Ether and repeat.

Set-up the reflux machine with the cake pan and the colander and the stainless steel pot, and remove the Petroleum Ether from the Cannabinoids.

You now have a clean product that is better than any hash I have ever personally come across, and I have been from Texas to the West Coast, to East Coast, and to Colorado (where I am now) .

This is not my method, it comes straight from the Dr. Atomic’s Marijuana Multiplier Book. I will soon preform this method myself, and will revise the method to fit modern availability over the next few days.
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