4000 Watt Top-Feed Rec. Grow Cubes Cap’n Style OG Kush


s1ingblade here, 2nd journal.
I have gotten my new room up and running and its time to show you all what I’ve been up to and where I’m headed.

What strain is it? BC BUD Depot "Cookies", Sativa Dominant. Reserva Privada OG KUSH. Shottafires Bubba OG, HSO Pineapple Skunk and Dinafems critical Plus.
Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? To many to list
Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Flower
If in Veg… For how long? 8 weeks
If in Flower stage… For how long? 8-9 weeks
Indoor or outdoor? Indoor
Soil or Hydro? Hydro
If soil… what is in your mix? N/A
If soil… What size pot? N/A
Size of light? Four 1000 watt Hortilux Super HPS
Is it aircooled? Yes, 8 inch XXXL MAGNUM copies
Temp of Room/cab? 75 is my lights on target. Above 60 in the dark cycle
RH of Room/cab? 40-50%
PH of media or res? 5.8-6.2
Any Pests ? Not anymore
How often are you watering? Multiple times a day
Type and strength of ferts used? Advanced at their hobby grower level minus the voodoo. I run a weekly Heisenberg Compost Tea plus Great White when I transplant. I’m also testing General Hydroponics 3 Part Flora Series plus their Flora Blend. Flora Blend is a Vegan plant enhancer? I cant remember the exact wording but we’ll get back to that later.
Many of you know The Cap’n has been like a mentor to me here at 420magazine.com and I have recently switched from #4 and pro-mix over to the Grodan Grow Cubes (not chunks) and right now that’s what I’ll be using for a while if not forever.
Cap’n Style refers to an extended veg period where a single large plant can yield over a Pound Dried. Its also a growing method where you use the Rock Wool Croutons and top feed them multiple times daily. It’s also recommended to run a "Live" not sterile reservoir with air stones. Bi-Weekly to weekly compost tea feedings.
This pic is of "Tiny" she is the OG Kush I have been working with for over a year now and she vegged for just shy of 3 months, like 11 weeks approx.
Two weeks ago I took tow nights off and forgot to place the digital timer back on auto. The Critical Plus (cook-off entry plant) got the dehydration (water boy lol) and was chopped the next morning but since Tiny lives in a 15 gallon Super Roots Air Pot she barely made it, damage was done and shes nowhere near where she’d of been if it weren’t for the human error I placed on them.

I will eventually run three 4x4trays and three 1000 watt lamps. For now and for the fun of it Tiny resides under two of the lamps and though they arent efficiently placed they are working. They would be better if they were side by side instead of inline but its just this once. If I do run multiple thousies on one plant I will rehang and change the way the ducting runs.
Last night I changed out half of the "cookies" reservoir and refilled with fresh water. 500 PPM level and will start flushing completely Come next week sometime
They were from Seeds that I started this last January and its taken me this long to pull out the best plant out of four, not a thing for the impatient or someone with little room.
I grow out on my 40 acre ranch and out of my 20′ by 30′ insulated camping cabin. Got tons of power but no bathroom or kitchen, to me its camping.
I am trying my best to harvest one tray every 15 days. The new room that we will be in is just under ten wide by twenty deep. like 9 by 19 to be more precise. This is my biggest flowering room and its still running with a few "Bugs" aka problems that need to be worked out.
OK so my 2nd journal is now started. I welcome all, newbies to veteran growers. Everyones welcome. Feel free to ask lots of questions and I’ll do my best to explain what Im doing and why Im doing it.

Welcome everyone
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